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10 Must-Have Pool Supplies for a Splashing Good Time

10 Must-Have Pool Supplies for a Splashing Good Time


Turning your backyard into a cool oasis with a sparkling pool is a dream for many families. Whether hosting fun pool gatherings, teaching your kids to swim, or just lounging in the sun on lazy weekends, a pool promises endless summer fun and cherished memories.

However, caring for your pool’s crystal-clear waters is the key to keeping that fun going. After all, no one wants to dip in cloudy green water! But don’t worry, with the right swimming pool supplies, you can easily look after your pool and ensure it’s always ready for a refreshing swim whenever you feel like it.

Clear Water Pool and Spa, your trusted pool supply store in Corpus Christi, stresses the importance of having a small set of pool supplies ready. This ensures your pool water stays safe, healthy, and in great condition, even when you can’t reach the pool shop. Keeping the right chlorine, pH, and Total Alkalinity balance is essential. With a well-stocked test kit, you can easily check and adjust your pool’s water chemistry regularly.

Which pool supplies are essential for keeping your oasis in top shape? You’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll walk you through the ten must-have swimming pool supplies you shouldn’t be without. Let’s dive right in!

Essential Swimming Pool Supplies for Every Pool Owner

Maintaining your swimming pool can seem like a chore, but it’s smooth sailing with the right supplies on hand!

Water Test Kit

When it comes to pool care, knowledge is power. And the best way to gain that knowledge? Regular water testing!

  • Why It’s Essential: A water test kit is the cornerstone of pool maintenance. It tells you exactly what your pool needs and prevents you from over or under-treating it. In essence, it takes the guesswork out of pool care.
  • Tools at Your Disposal: While pool stores in Corpus Christi TX offer various testing tools, including comprehensive water test kits, handy pH test strips, and even high-tech digital meters, it’s crucial to choose one that you’re comfortable using regularly.
  • Metrics to Watch:
    • pH Levels: In simple terms, this tells you if your pool water is too acidic (which can be harsh on the skin) or too alkaline (which can cause scaling). Keeping it balanced between 7.3 and 7.6 is the sweet spot.
    • Alkalinity: Think of this as your pool’s buffer system. It helps maintain a stable pH. You’ll want this number between 80-120 ppm.
    • Sanitizer Levels: This checks if you have enough disinfecting agents (like chlorine) to keep the pool water clear of unwanted germs.

Maintaining the right balance ensures your pool looks inviting and extends its life. Imbalances can lead to problems like cloudy water, algae buildup, or even pool equipment damage. If you’re new to pool maintenance, consider keeping a log of your test results. This will help you notice trends and better understand your pool’s unique needs over time.

Also, for more in-depth knowledge on how to keep your pool in great shape with the right chlorine, read our blog here.



Your pool water’s safety and clarity hinge on the right chemical balance. Different pool chemicals play crucial roles in upholding a pristine water environment. Some combat unwanted bacteria, and others regulate acidity or alkalinity.

Thankfully, our pool chemical store has you covered! We provide a wide range of chemicals tailored to maintain optimal water health. From ensuring a gleaming look to addressing specific challenges like algae or impurities, we’ve got it all.


A pool without an effective sanitizer is a breeding ground for bacteria, which could result in unpleasant skin irritations and rashes. There is a range of sanitizers you can use in your pool, each with its unique benefits.

    • Chlorine: The most recognized pool companion, chlorine efficiently eliminates harmful contaminants. Aim for free-chlorine levels between 1 and 3 ppm to ensure optimal sanitization. Our pool store offers floating chlorinators for those seeking a convenient way to dispense chlorine. These devices ensure a steady chlorine release, making pool maintenance even simpler.
    • Bromine: Sensitive to the distinct chlorine smell? Bromine is a great alternative. However, it’s important to note that it’s less stable under sunlight. If you opt for bromine, maintain sanitizer levels between 2-4 ppm.
    • Saltwater Systems: Ever imagined swimming in soft, gentle waters without the strong scent of chemicals? Saltwater pools are the answer. While the initial setup might be pricier, the long-term benefits and savings are undeniable. Maintaining salt levels between 2700-3400 ppm for saltwater enthusiasts is the golden rule.

Alkaline Increaser

Supporting the pH balance, the alkalinity of your pool acts like a buffer. If it’s too low (below 80 ppm), adding an alkaline increaser is a quick fix. Regular baking soda can also help bring your pool’s alkalinity back on track.

pH Adjusters

The pH level of your pool is like its mood. Too high or too low, and you’ll face issues ranging from a compromised sanitizer to potential pool equipment damage. Adjust with pH increasers or decreases if the water’s mood isn’t right.

Pool Shock

Think of this as your pool’s rejuvenation therapy. Over time, even with regular sanitization, the pool may start emanating a strong chlorine smell, indicating it’s time for a shock treatment. Incorporating this into your weekly routine ensures your pool remains fresh and inviting.

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Pool Thermometer

Diving into the perfect temperature pool elevates the swimming experience. But did you know that temperature also plays a vital role in optimizing sanitizer effectiveness?

For an ideal swim, it’s recommended that your pool water stays between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius. But how do you keep track? That’s where a floating thermometer comes in handy.

Modern advancements have made it even easier. Some thermometers come equipped with tech features, sending instant notifications to your phone if any temperature fluctuations occur, demanding prompt action.


A shimmering pool surface is inviting. Regular skimming adds aesthetic appeal and lessens the burden on your pool filter.

Choosing the right skimmer depends on your surroundings. A standard skimmer might do the trick if many trees don’t surround your pool. But it’s worth considering a more robust, deeper skimmer for pools in leafier environments to handle the continuous barrage of falling leaves and debris efficiently.

Incorporating a leaf net into your maintenance routine catches larger debris like leaves before they settle, while the skimmer basket, positioned inside the skimmer, collects floating debris. This ensures the water flowing to your filter remains relatively uncontaminated. To maintain its efficiency, emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket regularly is essential.


Your pool’s floor and walls might sometimes seem slippery, a thin layer of grime slowly gathering beneath the water’s surface. Regular usage contributes to this, but a well-maintained vacuuming routine will keep it in check.

A pool vacuum efficiently clears this build-up, maintaining your pool’s pristine appearance and minimizing potential liner damage. Regular cleaning can prolong the liner’s life, making a quality vacuum a wise investment. For diverse vacuuming options, Clear Water Pool and Spa offers an array of Polaris handheld and robotic pool vacuums.

To deepen your understanding of pool cleaning and vacuuming, our informative blog is just a click away.

Vacuum Hose

Vacuum hoses play a pivotal role in keeping your pool in pristine condition. Attached to the skimmer or a specific vacuum port, they partner with the vacuum head and telescopic pole. This team lets you glide over the pool’s bottom, capturing grime and foreign particles. For those using automatic or robotic pool vacuums, the hose ensures uninterrupted movement, letting the machine comb every nook and cranny of the pool.

Here are factors to bear in mind when picking a vacuum hose:

  • Length: It should stretch from the skimmer or vacuum port to the furthest pool corner.
  • Diameter: Typical sizes are 1.25″ and 1.5″. Ensure it complements your existing gear.
  • Material: Opt for durable yet bendy materials to avoid the hassle of kinks and ensure the hose lasts.
  • Swivel Cuff: A godsend that stops the hose from getting twisted while you clean.

Stay vigilant and routinely check the vacuum hose for damages, like fissures or leaks. Any flaw can hinder the vacuum’s performance, leaving your pool not as spotless as desired. At Clear Water Pool and Spa, we boast a diverse range of hoses in different lengths, ensuring you find your perfect match.

Replacement Filters

Regular swapping of filters is essential for pristine pool water. Make sure you’re equipped with the correct filters for uninterrupted pool care. Our store boasts an array of replacement cartridge filters suitable for numerous brands and models. With our extensive inventory, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match for your pool system. Always be prepared and never miss a beat in your pool maintenance.

Pool Brush

Vacuums are excellent for the pool’s floor, but what about the walls? Here’s where a pool brush comes into play. With it, scrubbing off debris from the walls becomes a breeze, ensuring your pool receives a thorough cleaning.

Adjustable Telescopic Pole

Swimming while cleaning isn’t ideal. Enter the adjustable telescopic pole. Essential for reaching every nook and cranny, these poles can be lengthened or shortened as needed. Their flexibility means that various cleaning attachments, whether brushes, skimmers, or even certain vacuums, can be fitted seamlessly, making cleaning chores more straightforward.

Pool Cover

Pool Cover

A cover acts as your pool’s shield, offering a primary line of defense against external elements. Using a pool cover drastically cuts down on maintenance efforts. It safeguards your water from the intense UV rays of the sun. These rays can break down your sanitizer, making it less effective. Plus, a cover ensures leaves, twigs, and other debris stay out.

There’s a wide variety of covers available. Some focus on trapping heat, ensuring your pool remains cozy. Others come equipped with locks, enhancing pool safety. Whatever your need, there’s likely a cover that fits the bill.

Clear Water Pool and Spa: The Reliable Pool Stores in Corpus Christi, TX

At Clear Water Pool and Spa, we simplify pool care for you. Whether it’s a stunning new above-ground pool for your backyard or the essential pool supplies and equipment to keep your water pristine, we have it all in one place.

Dive into our online collection of water care products or drop by our two strategically located stores in Corpus Christi or Pleasanton to see what fits your needs best. With our seasoned team of specialists ready to assist, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your pool care needs. And if pool maintenance feels overwhelming, remember we’re here to help with our comprehensive pool cleaning services.